Stress Management

Stress is defined as facing changes and challenges that we lack the resources to manage them. In the medieval times, infection, disease, and war was the main cause of death. However, in the present days, stress in personal and career life are the main accelerators for human death.

What are the causes of stress?

Nowadays, modern lifestyle, urbanization, and new technologies such as artificial intelligence are the main sources of the stress. Emotional relationships, especially intimate romantic relationships can be one of stress sources. For example, when you are not able to meet the demands of a loved one because you think they are not reasonable. Another example is constant criticism by a loved one and conflict and disagreement. Stress can also come from major life events such as marriage, divorce, death of loved ones. Your career and work environment is another important factor that can bring stress to your life. For example working in a job that is not aligned with your interests or dealing with toxic coworkers.

How to reduce stress?

There are many tactics to deal with stress that depend on the personality of the person using them. Listening to music, spending time with family and loved ones, deep breathing, meditation, travelling, time management techniques, personal discipline, goal setting, exercise, healthy food, hiking, sleep, reducing caffeine and sugar are a few examples.

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