Qualities of a Good Investor

The stock market has created many millionaires and billionaires. The mindset of an investor determines his investment success. Many qualities can be attributed to successful investors. A few of these characteristics are mentioned in the following.

Goal setting and planning: Defining your investment goals with all the specific details is necessary for every investment. For example, when you are searching to purchase a house, you need to narrow down your options by knowing some details such as type of residential house, price range, number of bedrooms, and other amenities. This saves you a lot of time. Additionally, define if you are a long term or short term investor.

Risk management: No investment is risk-free. Risk management is about optimizing risk to create maximum profit. Define a limit for how much money you can afford to lose in an investment without making you miserable financially. The risk tolerance is different for people and depends on age, assets, personality, future investment goals, and marital status. A few methods to minimize risk is to diversify your portfolio and invest in assets with low price volatility.

Knowledge: Knowledge is power. The most successful investors understand the industry they are investing in. Understanding the market is a skillset that great investors accumulate over time. They are constantly following related news, reading books, and communicate with other investors.

Patience: As Warren Buffet once said, "The stock market is a device for transferring the money from impatient to the patient". Timing is everything in investing, and having the patience to make your move at the right time is important. Patience is a skill and can be learned.

Strategic thinking: Strategy is a careful step to step plan for achieving a specific goal. Ask a few questions before investment. What industries do you want to invest in? How long do you want to wait before liquidating an investment? What is your exit strategy? How much money do you want to invest in? Do you want to invest in a recurring manner? How much risk are you willing to take?

Emotional mastery: Psychology plays a big role in stock market investment. Understanding psychology can generate big wealth for investors. Term Trading Psychology is commonly used to describe the emotions and the mindset involved in investments. Two of the most common emotions discussed in Trading Psychology are greed and fear. Mastering these emotions can put you in a better position than many other investors.

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