Kryder’s Law

Kryder's law was advocated by Mark Kryder, former senior vice president of research and chief technology officer of Seagate Corporation. Kryder's law is very related to Moore's law. Gordon Moore, the co-founder of Intel Corporation, first demonstrated that the number of transistors on integrated circuits doubled every year since the adoption of computer chips. According to Kryder's law, the density of hard drives doubles every 13 months (exponential growth). This results in an increase in memory storage over time.

A few scientists believe that Kryder's law can not be generalized to any time and any sector of the storage industry. One of these scientists is Jimmy Zhu, director of the Data Storage Systems Center (DSSC) at Carnegie Mellon University. Zhu said: "We are kidding ourselves if we think that we can gain much more density in the conventional [hard drive] scheme. We have run into physical limits of the media itself, and most people in the industry feel that we can expect no more than 30 percent to 40 percent annual density gains over the next few years."

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