Future Technologies to Invest in

The rate of science growth has been exponential over the past few decades and is accelerating every single year. Every year we get introduced to emerging and disruptive technologies. These technologies have a high potential to take humans to the next levels and produce a massive impact on our lives. The easiest way to start investing in these technologies is the stock market. A few examples of these technologies are discussed in the following.

Blockchain: Blockchain is the technology used behind cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is a type of electronic money that is employed for more security, elimination of intermediates, and anonymity of its users. This currency is internet-based exchange money that transfers capital online and without borders between users. Cryptocurrencies are generated by a process called mining. There are a few cryptocurrencies that are more popular than other coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Many companies started to accept and employ this technology in their business workflow.

Artificial intelligence (AI): The most obvious AI disruption has been on automation. AI has developed a broad range of applications ranging from medical devices to self-driving cars. A few more examples of AI technologies include neural networks, machine learning, deep learning, natural processing of language, and deepfake. Giant tech companies such as Google, Nvidia, Microsoft, Facebook, and Tesla are heavily investing in AI applications. Boston Robotics is one of the big players that is famous for robots such as BigDog, Spot, and Atlas. Neurolink founded by Elon Musk is working on implantable brain-machine interfaces (BMIs) to enhance human mental capacity. Tesla is developing self-driving cars. AI has brought many opportunities to our lives. However, it has raised a few red flags. Developing killer robots, the extinction of the human race, disrupting the job market, and philosophical dilemmas are a few examples of these concerns. Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Ma are among the optimists on the future of AI and its applications. On the other hand, Elon Musk and Bill Gates have raised concerns about a few applications of AI in the future.

Internet of Things (IoT): IoT is a system of inter-correlated computing devices and humans with the capacity to transfer data using a network. In IoT, no human-to-human or human-to- computer connection is required. A thing in IoT may refer to any human-made device with a unique Internet Protocol (IP) that can transfer data over the network. IoT has found many applications in connecting physical devices and software. This enables remote control of devices by big data without human intervention. For example, a car with embed sensors can inform the driver of changes in tire pressure. A few tech giants working on IoT are Amazon, Google, Apple, and Verizon.

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