Earning Report for Public Companies

Public companies are required by SEC to announce their earnings report. These reports are quarterly or annually and provide useful information to investors as well as investment analysts on the performance of the company. The dates of these reports can be found on the company's website. Usually, the stock prices of the companies react to these reports immediately. They may go up with increased earning or decline as a result of profit loss.

The quarterly report includes the financial information of the company (revenue, net profit, debt, balance, cash flow). Additionally, an overview of the general state of the company including challenges and opportunities is disclosed by upper management. The annual report includes the financial information of the company throughout the whole fiscal year. This report provides a more comprehensive guideline and may include the promotional and marketing products of the company. Additionally, press releases are used to increase the visibility of the company and attracting new investors. In the end, long question and answer meetings are held between the company's management and shareholders to address investor's concerns.

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