Content Production Team

Content marketing strategist

A content marketing strategist is a person who identifies the best content strategy that aligns with your business goals. Identifying the best content, type of content, brand persona, and creating a variety of editorials are a few responsibilities of the strategist.


Writers are essential for the success of your team. They bring creativity and imagination to your team. There are different levels of writing expertise and great content requires writers with a great set of skills. Additionally, your writers should be familiar with the field that they are going to write. For example, for science writing, writers with science backgrounds are preferred. Using the right keywords in the text to optimize the SEO of your website is another key skill for your writers.


Even professional writers need their work to be edited. Editors can improve the language of a text and make it look more live by changing the verbiage of the text. Besides, they can be an extra eye for grammatical mistakes.

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