A brand is an abstract concept created in your customer's mind. All interactions that a customer has with your company, both positive or negative, create an image that contributes to the brand of the company. The brand is different from the logo, the company's name, or the company's trademark. The brand is a crucial factor that distinguishes your company from other competitors.

All interactions that a customer has with your company create a story in his mind. How easy is it to use your product? How is customer service? How elegant is the design? How expensive is your product or service? How fast can she receive your product or service? How trustable is your company? A brand has a big role in your employees as well. Working for a big brand in your field gives employees a feeling of pride and satisfaction. Here two examples of famous brands and the reason for their popularity is given.

Disney brand

The image that Disney has created in people's minds is Magical Family Fun. Disney movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Cinderella, Snow White, Alice in Wonderland, and Pinocchio create this image in our minds. Additionally, in Disney parks, there are many actors and actresses dressed in clothes of famous Disney characters interacting with kids and families. These all help Disney to create the Magical Family Fun image.

Apple brand

Apple is one of the most popular brands of all time. Two factors have contributed to this image mentioned here. First, people love the privacy that Apple has created for them with their personal data. People always worry about how tech companies are using their data. Apple has assured its clients that their personal data will be safe. Second, Apple is a very innovative company, and people love Apple's new products. That is why many willingly pay a higher price to get the new version of Apple phones or laptops.

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