Biological Determinism

Biological determinism or genetic determinism is the idea that our behavior and phenotype is controlled by genes. Not everyone agrees that our phenotype is completely controlled by our genes. This is where the controversial idea of nature and nurture comes to life. Some scientists believe that there are certain genes, that control specific behaviors or phenotypes. For example, genes that control our intelligence level or our natural inclinations. However, others believe that some traits and phenotypes are complementary actions of a group of genes. One example of the latter case is the cognitive ability of humans that seems to be controlled by a combination of a few genes. Most of our genes are the same among all humans and only a very small percentage of our genes are different.

One of the interesting ideas related to biological determinism is the concept of free will. Biological determinism results in a rebuttal of human free will. Our behaviors are controlled by our genes to some extent. However, when you identify the thought patterns (conscious thinking), you can correct the behavior behind that thought process. This practice is employed in behavioral therapy. Therefore, the level at which genetic determinism can influence our behavior varies between humans.

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