Annual General Meeting (AGM)

An annual general meeting (AGM) is a yearly meeting held by the company's leaders to provide an update on the company's progress and performance to the investors. AGMs are mandatory for both private and public companies. In an AGM, the company's leaders discuss the company's strategy, future plans, financial plans, future dividend policies, and payments, corporate governance, and markets. AGMs are considered as instruments that allow shareholders to voice their opinions on key decisions based on their votes. A proxy can be used for voting by shareholders not attended the meeting.

AGM policies are governed by the rules of law and depend on the type of company and country. A few activities conducted during the AGM include the CEO's overall report on the status of the organization, the CFO's report on the financial documents and plans. Additionally, any members of the board of directors can present her views on the future company direction including potential business partnerships and strategies.

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