In this section, we discuss requirements for the contribution of readers to our website.  Please submit your interest in writing a guest post or being a writer on the Tomorrowgates via the Contact section. Tomorrowgates does not accept posts that include affiliate links. The purpose here is only to educate the public. 

The topics of the posts must be related to the purpose of the website. Topics of the posts should be discussed with Tomorrowgates before a post is written. After a post is written, it should be submitted by the Contact section. If the post meets the requirement, Tomorrowgates will grant access to the contributor to publish his post on the website under his/her name. A link can be provided at the end of the post to refer to the contributor's website.  Posts must be a minimum of 2 paragraphs. Furthermore, we encourage shorter titles. 

Finally, the content of posts must be original, concise, and educational. If the post contributor breaks the copy write rules (for example, via plagiarism), it will be the contributor's responsibility and not Tomorrowgates.